Искусство программирования на языке сценариев командной оболочки


Программирование на языке сценариев командной оболочки - стр. 328

# A file location is Filesystem-id and inode-number

# Here document used as a comment block. : <<StatFieldsDoc Based on stat, version 2.2 stat -t and stat -lt fields [0] name [1] Total size File - number of bytes Symbolic link - string length of pathname [2] Number of (512 byte) blocks allocated [3] File type and Access rights (hex) [4] User ID of owner [5] Group ID of owner [6] Device number [7] Inode number [8] Number of hard links [9] Device type (if inode device) Major [10] Device type (if inode device) Minor [11] Time of last access May be disabled in 'mount' with noatime atime of files changed by exec, read, pipe, utime, mknod (mmap?) atime of directories changed by addition/deletion of files [12] Time of last modification mtime of files changed by write, truncate, utime, mknod mtime of directories changed by addtition/deletion of files [13] Time of last change ctime reflects time of changed inode information (owner, group permissions, link count -*-*- Per: Return code: 0 Size of array: 14 Contents of array Element 0: /home/mszick Element 1: 4096 Element 2: 8 Element 3: 41e8 Element 4: 500 Element 5: 500 Element 6: 303 Element 7: 32385 Element 8: 22 Element 9: 0 Element 10: 0 Element 11: 1051221030 Element 12: 1051214068 Element 13: 1051214068

For a link in the form of linkname -> realname stat -t linkname returns the linkname (link) information stat -lt linkname returns the realname information

stat -tf and stat -ltf fields [0] name [1] ID-0? # Maybe someday, but Linux stat structure [2] ID-0? # does not have either LABEL nor UUID # fields, currently information must come # from file-system specific utilities These will be munged into: [1] UUID if possible [2] Volume Label if possible Note: 'mount -l' does return the label and could return the UUID

[3] Maximum length of filenames [4] Filesystem type [5] Total blocks in the filesystem [6] Free blocks [7] Free blocks for non-root user(s) [8] Block size of the filesystem [9] Total inodes [10] Free inodes

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